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Improve your home wifi

How to improve your wifi at home

My passion for home wifi started when I was frustrated with my TV and media streaming device. What bothered me was that streaming live TV was buffering when I had a 200Mbps Uncapped, Unshaped and Unthrottled Fibre Line. I could not understand it.

The Solution

After playing around and experimenting I found a solution that helped me. I realised that my streaming device was connected on 2.4GHz to my current access points.

I then replaced my current access points with Ubiquiti’s Unifi access points. The reason for that was the fact that Unifi has 5Ghz capability and a very good reputation. I mounted one access point close to the TV to make sure that I don’t have signal issues between the streaming device and the access point. I also made sure to hard wire the access points with CAT6 Network Cable.

Once my streaming device was connected via 5Ghz to the access point I had no more buffering issues when I streamed live TV.

Our smart phones and laptops also performed much better thanks to the 5Ghz technology.

Tips on how to improve your home wifi

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